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Mozart at dusk and daybreak (evading the wrath of neighbors)

I hadn’t realized I violated curfew as I recorded the first half of Mozart’s G Major Sonata, K. 283 (Presto) on Mac21 last night starting at dusk. Here in my Berkeley apartment complex, washing machines, dryers, and all music must … Continue reading

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Blog favorite revival time.. THE MORNING AFTER YOU TUBING (with added color)

The day after I post a video is the crucial make or break juncture to delete or not to…. And all too often, an upload bites the dust with a private funeral of sorts, that leaves no remains. But with … Continue reading

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Piano practicing, performance, and gym routines: Always Reach Beyond! (Video, Bach Invention 8 in F)

I take my inspiration from the two Irina/Irena-s, each pronouncing their names slightly differently. Irina Gorin is the ingenious piano teacher from Carmel, Indiana via the Ukraine, and Irena Orlov is from Washington D.C.’s Levine School of Music via Leningrad. … Continue reading

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Playing piano and getting into the spirit (Video with Aiden cat joining in)

It’s holiday time, and we’re all eating with gusto. In honor of Thanksgiving, we completely let go, pardoning ourselves of any rigid diet that would preclude an all out splurge. So now, enter the piano, as a feast of delights … Continue reading

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