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An informative chat with a whimsical piano technician (REGISTERED, of course)

I had a delightful exchange with John Peters, RPT, about pianos, restorations, repairs, machine vs. aural tunings, and all that sprung from his wild imagination. For instance, John communicates an intense passion for tuning.. “I get paid to “meditate,” he … Continue reading

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Piano Technician Call Back: Please fix these notes! (Before and After Video)

Growing up in New York City, I had a memorable, rotund tuner named Buchbaum, who talked my ear off while tuning a Sohmer upright. Consequently, he left the piano with “beating” octaves, thirds, and sixths. In so may words, the … Continue reading

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Piano Interviews by phone (Don’t copy me)

It’s a rainy day and I’m braced for a shower of criticism. Just consider a few of my piano phone interviews in the private party marketplace. I confess that on occasion, I’ve undermined my own staunch recommendations to prospective buyers … Continue reading

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The voices of piano technicians around the country

I had the invaluable opportunity to interview various Registered Piano Technicians around the country about various aspects of their profession. First, to become a RPT, the candidate takes an exam that’s administered through the Piano Technician’s Guild (PTG) which has … Continue reading

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