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In the Hot Zone!

When I prepare for a you tube posting, I climb the walls. Not only am I in the hot seat when the camcorder is rolling, but I have to worry about the neighbors to my right suddenly deciding to have a slap down, bang out fight.

Last night was a perfect example of recording on edge. The walls were shaking as I was coming to the climax of Bach Invention 13. After 25 takes, I had been through the wringer.

The SUV parked next door began to roar over the bickering couple. Then, out of nowhere, I heard a big crash as I was coming to the final cadence. I suspect one of the combatants threw a pot at the other and it somehow landed on my patio– just at the wrong time. I would have preferred to retrieve a soccer ball inadvertently thrown over my fence. It would have been lighter on impact, perhaps punctuating a few staccato notes.

In the course of 2 hours, I had to do take after take, and settle myself down between upheavals. The whole undertaking was beginning to feel like an exercise in futility until, by some miracle, I managed to extricate 1 minute and 21 seconds of relative quiet. The couple next door retreated back to their house after they ran out of steam.

Most of the time, their SUV with its huge jacked up wheels idled into the hot zone–but it was usually during the day when I wasn’t recording. So why  give it a second thought? My students considered the noise to be a blessing because it drowned out their clunkers.

Go figure.

Things were a lot worse a year ago.  The middle of the night drug raids of the house to my left, were, to say the least, disturbing. Who would think an upscale neighborhood like mine would harbor no goodniks.

Where I used to live, on the West Side of Manhattan, I would expect the SWAT team to show up once in a while, but not on my manicured block in northwest Fresno.

But it happens. What else is new?

One of my big concerns remains the HOT ZONE. If my video camera isn’t feeling well, my Fortes (louds) will pierce the sound barrier and register SCREECHES.

The only fail safe maneuver is to check the graph of sound waves before rendering the video.

Guess what, me and my  video editor, daughter FORGOT to do it, which drove me right back up the walls.

Needless to say, I’m on shpilkes (Yiddish for pins and needles) wondering if lady luck will be with me. Worse comes to worse, I can always re-upload a video and burn up another two hours.

Face it! I’ll never escape the hot zone!

Roll it!

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