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Aiden the Cat Swoons over Chopin’s music (on You Tube)

I was joined by a surprise visitor while videotaping myself playing the Chopin Waltz in A minor, a composition discovered long after the composer’s death. (Cataloged as “Opus Posthumous”)

I had been tirelessly recording the piece for about 20 times in the sanctity of my piano room, while Aiden had been shuttled off to the bedroom out of collar-bell range.

Feeling squeezed out during my rehearsals of the melancholy Waltz, he knew where my heart was, and it was a no brainer that he wanted to be stage center, getting his emotional strokes.

Artfully, he had slipped out of the bedroom and perched himself squarely on my piano bench, nestling with me for the duration of the Waltz. And at mid point in the composition, I felt his sleek body re-adjust and twitch a bit, before the video indicated that he threw a gaze in the direction of the keyboard. Surely he knew the entire landscape of the piece from having heard it so often, and its culminating climax right in the middle had made a physical impression. As the Waltz ebbed and flowed, there wasn’t a peep out of him.

He’d been just as respectful when he plopped himself on the piano bench beside my 8 year old student, Claudia while she was playing “Doorbell” from Faber’s Primer Piano Adventures. Miraculously, I had captured the duo on video.

Despite interruptions from planes droning overhead to screaming ambulances racing madly to their destination, Aiden had stayed put during our rehearsals and on camera, appearing totally engrossed in the music.

In the end, the fluffy feline turned out to have been my good luck charm. After the last resonating chord of Chopin’s Waltz melted away into silence, Aiden responded with a big, delicious yawn of approval, or was it boredom, stealing the entire show!

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