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Piano Gym routines with my 10 year old student

This is a fun romp through the keys of F# Major and minor with some diminished 7th and Dominant 7th arpeggios cruising across the keyboard in legato, followed by detached, “ping pong ball” rendered staccato.

Parallel and contrary motion scales/arpeggios are a pianist’s preliminary gymnastics. They’re great for the warm-up phase of each practice session.

My 10 year old student also playfully tackles an F# minor arpeggio  as part of her piano gym routines. She’s come a long way in four years time.

The warm-up activity culminates in her lively performance of Bach’s Invention 8 in F Major.

Background: This student started her studies with me at age 6 and progressed to playing 4 Bach Inventions, and the Mozart sonata K. 545 in C. She’s participated in the MTAC Bach Festival and Celebration events.

It’s been quite a joyous ongoing journey in which I’ve probably learned more from her, than she has from me.

In truth, we, teachers derive great wisdom from our students, making our collaboration a joint effort.

The student sat at my Steinway M, while I coached her from my second Steinway 1098 studio upright piano, a 2007 furniture move out  sale purchase. The Fresno Bee listing was flagged by “Fujie,” my faithful friend and piano student who passed on the Steinway 1920 auction piano as well as the little Knightingale. Eventually, she ended up buying a notably resonant, brand new Kawai studio upright at California Piano in Clovis during its close-out sale. (That’s worth another story that should make it to the blog someday soon)

I’ll just sit back now and enjoy the video, reminding myself that the joy of music making is its own reward.

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