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Pianos I own and those that I reluctantly let go

My Steinway, model “M” grand, 1917 is a permanent fixture in my living room which doubles as my piano studio. It was rebuilt to perfection in 1992 by Dale Erwin, Modesto. ( I cannot give anyone a higher recommendation than Dale. He views the piano as a singing instrument and voices it exquisitely. His skills as a technician and re-builder are nothing short of extraordinary.

Below: I had my piano shipped to Temple Beth Israel for a few concerts. The acoustical environment was divine.

The Piano Room

My Steinway M sits besides a Steinway upright, model 1098, manuf. 1992. I acquired the studio upright after my adult student, Fujie drew my attention to an ad in the Fresno Bee (2007) advertising the piano under a “Furniture” listing. The instrument was formerly owned by a native Italian who planned to relocate to her homeland, and couldn’t take the piano with her.

The room holding these pianos is acoustically bright because of the high, vaulted ceilings. Lots of desired reverb, which I love!!


Baldwin Artist series, model “R” in French Provincial piano (manuf. 1998) that I landed for a steal price a few years ago. This piano was extremely well regulated and was tonally beautiful in the mid and upper ranges, but lacked a defined, resonating bass. I eventually sold it to Mr. York’s cousin so I could replace my old beat up Dodge Caravan, with a decent used Toyota Camry.


The Light of my Life, that I sadly parted with:

Aeolian table style spinet piano, built in 1936 and beneath it,  a panoramic photo of my piano room once overloaded with pianos (Steinway M grand; Steinway 1098 studio upright; Baldwin Model R, Artist series grand in French Provincial, and Aeolian spinet) Add in a Casio Privia, PX110 keyboard for the final touch.

Kawai GE-20 with Millenium action:  This piano, a little over 5′ in dimension is the lovely instrument that is placed in my El Cerrito, California piano studio.  I purchased this grand at DC Piano in Berkeley, CA.

Finally, this next piano was never owned by me, but I took a shine to it after it was donated to me for a one day only, recording session.

Visalia Piano Gallery that lent me the piano, has since gone out of business preceding two other piano establishments, California Pianos, and Fresno Piano that will do the same.

The instrument, a Nordiska grand, played very nicely. Big tone, very resonant, well voiced, nice feel, very even. The piano is manufactured in China but it has a Swedish connection to its parent company, Geneva International that also makes the Petrof piano.

I managed to obtain photos of the recording session in progress. Its venue was Wolf Sound, in Fresno’s Tower District. Recording engineer: Peter Wolf.

Bonus Photo: Fujie’s grandson, Ryder, sits happily at her Kawai studio upright:

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