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Did the Ghost of Fritz ever sell?

I couldn’t resist foraging through my e-mail files for an update on the Ghost of Fritz, whether it sold, was put out to pasture, or dumped, dismembered and forgotten. To my surprise, I located this communication feeding my appetite for a few chuckles:

From: pharmacutest

To:  Shirley Kirsten

Hi Shirley,
“No, I haven’t sold the baby grand. It still looks beautiful and I use it to present my Arbonne Skin Care Products and also to put out Hor d’oevres when I entertain. I will be having an Open House at the end of September, looking at the 22nd, but not completely certain from 2-6 p.m. I will be featuring Arbonne International Original Hand Made Jewelry, “Rock Star Nails,” Hand Made Purses by Good Stuff and maybe Gold Canyon Candles. Let me know if you are interested in attending and I will send you an invitation. I would like to meet you and you will be able to see my piano too! Have a wonderful day, Roan.”
“See her piano?” I thought.  Maybe play it, for starters, but that hadn’t really entered my mind since I had already sampled it by phone. (enough to satisfy my curiosity)
The other day, I spotted another exotic piano sitting in the same location (for too long) at a piano dealership. A Steinway square grand had overstayed its welcome, with no skin care products to rejuvenate it.

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