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Nutcracker Suite, “Russian Dance,” with piano intro to an orchestrated gymnastics exhibition

This is a collaborative effort, but just a snatch. I introduce Tschaikovsky’s “Russian Dance” on the piano, (a tad behind tempo) as prelude to an orchestrated accompaniment to Olympian gymnasts swinging from high bars, doing back flips and straddle jumps, slipping, falling, rebounding, and re-mounting the balance beam. It’s a riveting choreography, synchronized to the music of a formidable Russian composer, the work of my co-producer, KEVIVA, who spent days gathering the clips and snips of music. A partial version is followed by the complete video:

I used an edition of the Nutcracker Suite for Piano edited by Gayle Kowalchyk and E.L. Lancaster which I found to be harmonically satisfying with excellent inserted fingerings. As transcriptions these are well edited.

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