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Mr. York in his own voice, a Musical WW II Memoir

Without giving away the content of this video before it is seen, suffice it to say that the viewer will long remember this tender World War II story as recounted by 84 year old, Connell York, piano tuner, in his own words, and through a memorable song.


Kirsten Productions

Aviva Kirsten, Director and Video Editor

Shirley Kirsten, Co-Producer, and interviewer

January 2011

Feedback is always appreciated!

Part II

York recalls his hair-raising piano adventures in

colorful detail. You won’t stop laughing!

Remember that “Mice, Moths, and Moisture” are a piano’s worst enemies!

6 thoughts on “Mr. York in his own voice, a Musical WW II Memoir”

    1. Hi Chuck, I showed Aviva your comment and she was thrilled to receive it. She wanted me to tell you that she had updated the video with a necessary edit, so right now the video in the form she’s happy with. Up next will be the part two segment where Mr. York entertains with a bundle of warm, very humorous piano related stories. It’s worth more than a few chuckles. Stay tuned.
      Shirley K


  1. Shirley and Aviva,
    What a treat! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Mr. York is a treasure and I am so pleased that you have captured his memoirs this way. Very well done.


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