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Bach to Nature: A Paradise of Images Wedded to Music

A lake, ducks, geese, and Bach’s Prelude no. 1 from the Well Tempered Clavier…..

Backdrop: Oso De Oro Park in Fresno, California.

Producers and photographers, Shirley Kirsten and Aviva Kirsten

Capturing nature’s flow with a hand held video camera.

Oso de Oro Park

Sloan Johnson Oso de Oro Lake Park

“Since opening in June 1995, Sloan Johnson Oso de Oro Lake Park has been the recipient of National and State awards for innovation and design excellence. It was also the model for the District’s newest park, Trolley Creek Park in southeast Fresno.

“This nine-acre site combines its primary function of storm water retention with secondary functions of groundwater recharge and recreation. Nearly all construction costs were provided by private donations.

“This park with an early California theme is located in Northwest Fresno. Visitors will be greeted by a Margaret Hudson California Grizzly Bear sculpture at the park entrance. Because the park is an excavated storm water retention basin, its features are arrayed at three different elevations. The park’s upper street level tier provides year round recreation, and features include picnic pavilions, little and big kids’ play areas, swings, and other old California-themed play areas. The middle tier has an open turf play area, a wheelchair basketball court, and two interpretive mazes. The entire middle and upper tiers have wide, gently sloped walkways. The lower tier has a permanent lake, which provides storm water capture and groundwater recharge. Observation docks over the lake provide views of aquatic habitat and wildlife. Oso de Oro Lake Park is fully usable and not just accessible to children and adults with a broad range of disabilities. The park is also partially operated and maintained by individuals with varying disabilities.”


2 thoughts on “Bach to Nature: A Paradise of Images Wedded to Music”

  1. Shirley and Aviva,
    You couldn’t have chosen a better match than the Park for us to hear and enjoy the sound of Bach’s peaceful Prelude, performed soulfully in a piano solo by Shirley. The Prelude soared, when it was coupled with scenes of water fowl floating, preening, resting midst lush foliage. The visual and auditory components of your video created a unique sensory experience for me – idyllic, serene, lovely, spiritual. Thank you Shirley and Aviva.


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