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Captured and Not Yet Released! (Trials and tribulations of video editing and uploading)

Video segments, parts 2 and 3, that were bound for insertion in my last blog, remained in captivity with no specific timetable for release. Their capture was as easy as ABC, matching my Kindergarten level computer skills, but beyond this embryonic stage of development I was arrested. Rendition, rendering, and hands-on editing were beyond my skill range. Conversion was not an option. Imprisoned by my self-proclaimed ignorance, I wouldn’t get off easily. No bail-outs were in sight.

With an unavailable video editor assistant who did everything for me without skipping a beat, I found myself at the mercy of my dimming memory, re-tracing only the beginning of a process that mushroomed into a mountain of complexity.

Was this any different from challenging myself to learn one of the hardest pieces I could imagine and taking baby steps to master it?

I started my journey by purchasing a new PC, (my old one was 100 equivalent years in people age) signed up with Best Buy’s Geek Squad, and installed a scanner/printer. I couldn’t believe that everything ran smoothly with the scanner, except for a minor glitch at the very end of installation. The power button tripped me up as shown repeatedly on the computer screen. This visual prompt bombardment would have allowed a Kindergartener to complete the task at hand, but for me, going from points A to C without a meltdown, was a landmark achievement.

A test run of “Liz on Top of the World,” page 2, was next. The scanning was a piece of cake, but I was far from functioning at peak performance. I had acquired the rudimentary skill of taking an IMG from a new picture file, and transporting it through e-mail to myself. Could I then advance to locating and inserting the file in this posting?

Oops, I must admit that I just tried and failed! “Liz” had disappeared from the cosmos without any prompts to find her. But I knew she had to be stored in one of a few folders because a new PC was as yet over-run with files. Worse case scenario, I had a solution stored in my musically nourished left brain. I could run downstairs to my doddering old PC, retrieve the e-mail with “Liz” attached as IMG–save it, and locate it as JPG in Microsoft Works. I’d over-ride those scant, poorly labeled picture files upstairs with well-managed, alphabetized thumbnails on the ground level. Besides, I’d be spared Best Buy pop-ups gone wild for an interval. Mission Accomplished!

With this emblematic victory stashed away, I still needed to get my captured videos through a rendering and editing process, a task requiring an apprenticeship with a savvy video editor. For most people, reading Online manuals in PDF would have been sufficient. They could put complex directions into action without a problem, but I needed heavy-duty tutoring.

I would engage an expert 1:1 for as many hours as I needed to navigate Sony Vegas Pro 10, software I was familiar with.

Perhaps the GEEK Squad would get into the teaching arena and help turn things around for me.

In the meantime, I would keep practicing Schubert’s Gb Impromptu, sifting through all voices, practicing in good fingerings, shaping phrases, and balancing every line. That would hold up until I was able to embed parts 2 and 3 of my piano instruction, finishing the last blog, and freeing the captives!

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