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Piano Instruction: Practicing the Schubert Impromptu in Gb, Op. 90 in Steps (4 videos)

It’s obvious that I’m a novice at video editing now that I’m on my own, but I managed to put together 4 videos demonstrating a step-wise approach to practicing the Schubert Gb Major Impromptu. I parceled out voices beginning with the soprano (melody) and then continued to the bass and alto using blocking techniques. Fingering was pivotal to the realization of expressive lines. Harmonic analysis was an invaluable assist.

The pianist is accompanist and soloist all in one in this composition, and the challenge is to subdue the alto triplet figures while fleshing out the melody, and creating a lovely, resonating bass of support.

Schubert, a Romantic composer breathes life into the impromptu in an improvised spirit with a palette of rich underlying harmonies and rolling triplets that weave through a lyrical soprano line. His music is pure poetry as he spins melodies of ethereal beauty.

PART 1 (The Melody–opening)

PART 2, (The Bass–opening)

PART 3 (Block the Alto and other parts–opening)

PART 4 (Playing as written, in slow motion, then bringing up to tempo–opening)

Part 4 will be refined later today.

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