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Piano Instruction: Phrasing and singing–A 10 year old beginner plays “Russian Sailor Dance,” Faber Bk. 1 (Video)

Singing is the best model for phrasing. In the learning environment, the student and teacher are on an interactive vocal wavelength experiencing the contour and shape of a musical line. Using syllables of various kinds that reflect the inner density and motion of the music is intrinsic to the activity.

The video attached gives an example of how we translate what’s on the printed page, from crispy staccato to curvy legato to restful cadences (melted resolutions)

Slow motion playing precedes a quicker tempo that is always within the student’s control. Spinning a contoured musical line is the goal in all readings.

The Joy of Teaching Piano to Young Children


The Art of Phrasing: Starting the process with beginners:

2 thoughts on “Piano Instruction: Phrasing and singing–A 10 year old beginner plays “Russian Sailor Dance,” Faber Bk. 1 (Video)”

  1. That is a great piece! This would be perfect for my grandson right now. Your student is adorable, and she’s doing splendidly for a beginner.


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