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Scoping out Hammer-Weighted Digital Pianos: On Location at Guitar Center, Fresno, CA (Videos)

I managed to get to Guitar Center right as it opened this morning, and had the good fortune to avoid the crowds along with obtrusive pop style background music.

Unfortunately, I bumped my head a few times on the same shelved keyboard that hadn’t qualified as a hammer weighted digital. Maybe it was retribution for my having bypassed it.

Just the same I marched down two narrow aisles of keyboards and did my best to be fair and objective about my assessments.

Since there is a good deal of footage, I will post in parts.

I should have mentioned that one of my criteria for evaluating these keyboards related to the registrations and the consistency through all ranges. I also considered the “feel” from note to note; resonance/decay rate; mechanics of the key depression; ease of playing; possible clicks etc.

From my perspective, playing Classical repertoire, I might fuss more over aspects of keyboards that others might not. Touch sensitivity and tone are my big issues, where for many players those concerns might not be as intense.

This first digital made quite an impression.

Here is Part 1: Yamaha P 155

Part 2: Yamaha CP 33

Part 3: Yamaha P95B (This one had a conspicuous registration change in the high treble–more metallic tone)

Part 4: Williams Allegro Digital (Abrupt timbre changes from register register, extremely light touch, hard to control dynamics, brittle metallic tone)

Part 5:
Casio Privia 330

Part 6: Casio Privia 130

Part 7: Williams Overture 88-Key Digital Piano Console

Part 8: Casio Celviano console-style Digital

This one surprised me. While it’s generic note to note progression had some irregularities at Forte level, it smoothed at soft volume, and provided expressive possibilities when I played through a few phrases from “Fur Elise.”

Part 9: Korg SP250 plus footage on the piano style pedal

Casio CDP 100 (I have sampled many times over)

While I did not get to film this digital, I would say from my playing perspective, that it’s a muted PX130.(Casio Privia)

6 thoughts on “Scoping out Hammer-Weighted Digital Pianos: On Location at Guitar Center, Fresno, CA (Videos)”

  1. Well, thаt’s a very interesting comparison. I am interested mainly in Yamaha keyboards so that I can share my observations of them. I pretty much concur with everything you said about the P155, CP33 and P95. I’d add that there is an unpleasant looping of the sound of the CP33. Despite being the lowest grade hammer action by Yamaha, like you I was surprised by the playability of the GHS action of the P95.
    Looking forward to watching the rest of the videos (at the time of writing of this post the last video is part 8 – Casio Celviano )



  2. Hi there,

    I am currently looking to buy a digital piano DP to practice on. I am a completely new beginner when it comes to playing the piano but I’ve have had practice on a piano according so I can read scores. I was leaning towards the Yamaha P155 and it seems that you like that DP as well. I’ve tried it in the store and compared it to the P95 and Casio PX130 and I have to say the P155 really stood out. Do you think the P155 is suitable?

    Thanks for the help so far!


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