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Piano Lesson: Chopin Prelude in B minor, Op. 28 (Video) and playing through

This is a very funereal composition, with a sighing if not sobbing right hand motif that permeates the musical mosaic.

The left hand has a cello line that provides the solo melodic thread in the course of the Prelude, though a few brief measures in the right hand should be fleshed out. I highlight these in the video.

Separate hand practice is recommended, and shaping of the arpeggiated melody in the bass is a significant challenge against the sobbing treble.

1 thought on “Piano Lesson: Chopin Prelude in B minor, Op. 28 (Video) and playing through”

  1. I enjoyed viewing your YouTube teaching session for the Chopin B Minor Prelude. Although I’ve taught all ages and abilities (children and adults) for many years I am just beginning to advertise to teach on-line in addition to my home piano studio. Building my own website has been very educational and rewarding especially with my online web host SBI (Site Build It).


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