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Debussy Arabesque no. 1 (with some new ideas)–Video

I think what’s very telling, is revisiting a videotape of yourself playing a composition a few days after you post it. For me, at least, I know what my response will be, and it’s 90% likely I will end up re-doing.

The beauty of the video camera, (for some it’s a curse) is that it’s a window to what seemed to be a musical truth at the moment of recording, though if one can step back and not get all tangled in ego-driven knots, it can reveal what needs to be modified.

I’m convinced that the video-cam is a teacher I most need when there’s a discrepancy between what I wanted to hear, and what I actually produced in performance.

And that introduces a disunity between the affective and kinetic aspects of playing.

Why such fancy labels, when simply stated, the player may have moments of musical ecstasy but not sustain these throughout the piece.

When that happens I, personally, go back to start, re-do, revise, re-assess and refine. This process, thankfully, never ends.


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