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Piano Instruction: J.S. Bach Invention no. 8 in F, BWV 779, using a spring forward wrist and hand rotation, Two Videos

I introduced my tutorial by playing a snatch from Edna-Mae Burnam’s Dozen a Day, Book 1, no. 3 “Hopping.” It was the springboard for the wrist motion I use when playing Invention 8 in F Major.

I also enlist a hand rotation for a stream of 16ths in descending sequence, measures 4-6, and wherever else this configuration occurs in the course of the composition.

The Subject or main idea of Invention 8 is explored in a separate hands, slow practice approach, and I include the devices Bach employs in the Development section on p. 2. The counterpoint or dialog and overlap of voices are fleshed out in my final playing in tempo.

I had previously rendered the Invention at a slower speed, but preferred a brisker tempo.





8 thoughts on “Piano Instruction: J.S. Bach Invention no. 8 in F, BWV 779, using a spring forward wrist and hand rotation, Two Videos”

  1. Thx started learning this before I had time to discuss fingering with my teacher and your chart is very useful. In your tutorial when you sing the parts wouldn’t it be better, if you can get them in, to sing the note names rather then just da da da…..? I was told this is a good learning device.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise on Invention # 8. This is one of my favorites of all the Inventions and hope to master it in due time.


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