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Claudia’s piano lesson in progress: Preparing the Chopin A minor Waltz no. 19, Op. posthumous and Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” for the MTAC Fall Festival

I returned to the iMac21 for this videotaping in the company of my nifty Yeti mic. (I’m waiting for Y to speak in Star Wars lingo, or double as a cleaning robot)

Everything was definitely effortless this time because I opted NOT to edit. I just let the lesson segment run its course without fussing over those yellow editing squares that derange the sound and video tracks. With my novice exposure to technology, playing with footage on iMovie was a crap shoot.

This time I clicked “new project,” named it, created an “event” and headed for the camera icon, which triggered a capture option, etc.

It all went smoothly.

Backdrop: Claudia just turned 11 and began lessons with me at 6. She had previously studied for a year or so, in Hawaii. After five years of studying piano in Fresno, her musical progress is apparent. Just a few weeks ago, I posted a snatch of her first recital at my home when she was 6. She played for a total of 10 minutes at that recital, while Michael an adult student who had the courage to participate, suffered his ill fated head bump that set his Clementi sonatina back a bit.

In the footage below, Claudia worked on her phrase shaping and melodic contouring in the Chopin Waltz. In a separate clip, she focused on Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.”

“Fur Elise”


Claudia’s musical memories album:

Chopin Waltz in A minor, played in the company of Aiden cat:

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