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Piano Lesson: Working with Rina, age 4, on the supple wrist, singing tone approach to individual notes (Video)

Today was Rina’s 11th piano lesson. To date we’ve identified and played the seven notes of the musical alphabet using fingers, 2, 3, and 4 of each hand in various registers.

Our follow-up practice focused on how to produce a singing tone in non legato (dropping individual notes one finger at a time) without yet connecting them. The springboard philosophy of Book One, Tales of a Musical Journey, embraces detached note-by-note exploration initially using fingers 2 and 3, and later engaging 4 to encourage the fundamental, relaxed arch. “Long sounds” of half note value are recommended so the hand position and supple wrist motion are carefully nurtured.

At Rina’s previous lesson, I had introduced the fourth finger, so today we put it in the spotlight alongside a lovely necklace bearing a sparkling treble clef that I was touched to receive. Rina’s recent journey to Texas brought this gem of a musical charm.

A brief excerpt from Rina’s lesson:



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