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Highlights of the MTAC Fall Festival, Oct. 29, 2011 (Princess Rina, 4, wins a best costume prize!) VIDEO

Five of my students participated in this morning’s gala Fall Festival sponsored by the Music Teachers Association of California.

The first of many theme recitals took place beginning at 10 a.m. with a colorful Halloween spread of costumes and music.

Princess Rina walked the royal Carpet before things got underway. A parade of students followed.

Claudia M. wore a captivating costume, embellished by impeccable face painting.

Nayelli displayed her Halloween outfit in the presence of her proud dad.

Claudia S. stood gracefully by her mom.

Emily smiled in the company of Claudia S. to her right, during a group photo shoot of participating performers.

And there’s Claudia M. again, in her haunting Halloween wear.

Nayelli had another photo opportunity.

Princess Rina landed one of two prizes for best costume, putting her on cloud 9.

Finally, here are the long-awaited musical excerpts from today’s event:

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