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Piano Technique: Chunking an A minor Arpeggio over Skype (Between CA and Australia) -VIDEO

The chunking technique of developing pianistic fluency filtered down to an adult student as he practiced his A minor arpeggio over Skype.

Mindful practicing required an awareness of common thumb points on each side of his “tunnel” fingers, C and E.

I had previously discussed the Bb Major arpeggio that did not have thumb through “tunnel” symmetry, while the F# Major arpeggio (played exclusively on black keys) had “mirror” tunnel fingers 3,2 and 2, 3 between the hands, (on A# and C#) making it feel somewhat easier to navigate than Bb.

“A” minor, on the other hand, came with common thumb points in the body of its arpeggio, though its tunnels weren’t exact mirrors of each other. The middle notes C and E were played with left hand finger numbers 4, 2, while the right hand used 2 and 3 on the same notes.

In chunking out the A minor arpeggio, a student would begin with thumb on A in the right hand, and 5 on A in the left and then play out the tunnel groupings or clusters with intervening thumbs.

In the following video, the above approach was enlisted to remedy problems related to accuracy. Thinking in grouping of notes will surely aid velocity and agility.


Practicing the F# Major Arpeggio:

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