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Piano Lesson: Rina, 4, climbs the musical staircase of letter names after playing 8 notes at the piano (Videos)

Rina continued her exploration of Melody by playing the seven notes, C through B on the piano, capping her step-wise ascent with a high C. I embellished her scale-wise journey with chordal accompaniment.

Following this activity, Rina climbed up and down my staircase after she had placed musical alphabet flashcards on each step. We then sang note-to-note as I attached a chord to enrich each one.

Our work continued through Chapter 14, “Princess Melody,” from Tales of a Musical Journey by Irina Gorin

By the conclusion of today’s 13th lesson, Rina had tapped G, A, and B, to prerecorded music using a choice of fingers 2, 3 or 4 in each hand. In addition, she composed a rhythm using cardboard black and white circles that she had set on the music rack in her desired order.

Our progress through Book One continued…


Review of this instruction at Piano Addict.com


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