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SKYPING Chopin: sculpting phrases with relaxed arms and supple wrists in the Waltz no. 19 in A minor, Op. Posthum. (Videos)

Aside from the prelude to this transmission having been launched by Aiden Cat, most of yesterday’s lesson was noteworthy for its focus on phrasing the Chopin Waltz No. 19 in A minor, Op. Posthumous.

Between California and Australia

A new Logitech camera provided an astonishing over the shoulder view of “Daniel” seated at his resonating Petrof vertical. It was stage center, with desired close-ups of each musical partner.

But as expected, Chopin stole the show.

Lesson feature: The whole arm with spongy wrists must sweep through musical lines in a relaxed choreography. The nuance of cadence tapering requires not only attentive listening but a physical translation. A wrist forward movement for soft note resolutions is recommended.

Various weight applications into the keys pertained to the realization of the Waltz as it unfurled to its riveting climax in A Major. Dead weight into the keys and shaping lines with a free swing of the arms were explored.

The video below snatched some of our work in progress.

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