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Piano Lesson Excerpts: Practicing the Bach Invention 13 in A minor (Videos)

This morning, Claudia, 11, practiced the J.S. Bach A minor Invention behind tempo, (in slow motion) to improve her musical/technical understanding of the composition.
She worked on “weaving”/shaping the main idea or subject, which is a broken chord figure. The interaction between hands or voices (there are two them) was a particular focus, as it represents a dialog or two-part counterpoint. Nuances, dynamics, and progression to the climax were explored in detail, with improvement being made by the lesson’s conclusion.

The student will do her follow-up practicing at home keeping in mind what we worked on today.

4 thoughts on “Piano Lesson Excerpts: Practicing the Bach Invention 13 in A minor (Videos)”

  1. great video thanks so much for posting this! i need to remember its ok to go slowly, very slowly if necessary to develop the singing lines in bach. if the singing lines are not there at a slow tempo they won’t magically appear at a faster tempo. bravo and thanks again!

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