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Aiden Cat crashes the piano bench and messes up a video in progress (Chopin’s C# minor Waltz, Op. 64)

It’s one thing to invite Aiden onto the piano bench for a front row seat, but it’s quite another when he appears out of nowhere, lands beside me, and ruins a recording in progress.

Last night Aiden did just that. After he broke into the Chopin C# minor Waltz, he knew he was the lion king taking the lion’s share of my concentration. At that point I just surrendered, and petered off, repeating sections that had knots. Incidentally, after the fact, I turned the soundtrack way down.

Another playing that followed managed to eek through, though Aiden can be heard jiggling his collar when least welcomed.

This clip below is the one where Aiden tarnished what was a recording in progress. He always knows when iMovie is in capture mode. He obviously wanted to get the desired front view and full profile of himself for his audience of admirers.

Move aside, Nora the Cat of You Tube fame, here comes AIDEN, the premier music media monopolizer!

In this subsequent reading below, he is nowhere to be seen, but makes his audible presence known at one point in the Waltz.. Jiggle, jiggle, wiggle, wiggle..

No doubt there will be some re-do’s in the offing…with Aiden safely tucked in his den.

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