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“When Do I Play My Best?” An inspiring message from Seymour Bernstein

Seymour’s playing in this tableau is divinely beautiful. And having sampled the pianist’s artistry through many of his posted You Tubes, I wonder why he didn’t get the recognition he deserved during his formative years, playing in public.

At least now, at 85, he’s enjoying a renaissance of interest in his teaching, music-making, and musical/life philosophy.

Words fail to describe this inspired outpouring of poetry to the music of Bach. It arrives as we approach the New Year with renewed hope for Peace and goodwill.

Again, Happy Holidays!

A Lesson with Seymour Bernstein, “You and the Piano,” Part 4


Be sure to sample Seymour’s many performances on You Tube:

One of my favorites: (From the Schumann Fantasy Op. 17)


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