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Blog favorite revival time.. THE MORNING AFTER YOU TUBING (with added color)

The day after I post a video is the crucial make or break juncture to delete or not to….
And all too often, an upload bites the dust with a private funeral of sorts, that leaves no remains.

But with my new iMac 21 having joined the family, video trashing has gone public. Through paper thin walls the neighbors can hear the crackle of my computer’s trash disposal which can be embarrassing. Most would wonder how the neighborhood piano teacher could produce so much garbage, spilling over the top, no less?

Bring on the mega-dumpsters!! Or find a landfill for sore eyes somewhere in the boonies outskirts, without a trace of detection.


Strangely, I’m in my Bach phase for reasons unknown. A musical flight of fancy can turn in any direction. Since performances of a composition will change as new ideas filter in, one might as well try them out on the You Tube stage, picking the brain and soul about what needs to happen the next time around.

The best barometer of a performance no matter when it pops up, is, as mentioned, whether the morning after you can still live with it. Worse case scenario, you will want to delete it without further ado. Or you may think you like it, only to let many mornings after go by, before you want to tear your hair out for having put it up in the first place. You wonder how many people managed to tolerate a particular phrase that you realized fell flat.

The best news is if you go cold turkey and shake off the addiction of watching the particular You Tube performance for at least 3 weeks. That means when you finally revisit the playing, having a safe distance from it, and still like it, then it’s a fait accomplis, –meaning it will stay posted until you have different creative ideas to offer at another time.

The process in never-ending. And that’s good!

Looking back on one of my earlier blogs, I had confronted head on, the issue of full-fledged You Tube Addiction. And ironically I tied in the Morning-After-Posting-Syndrome: MAPS

Here’s how it played out:

“Now I’m hooked! Looking feverishly at night for an excuse to turn on the camcorder and record something, anything I can find on the music rack or buried deep inside the piano bench. I won’t get through Sunday without that video cam staring me down, daring me to complete anything without a major meltdown. I see the red warning light on the cam, telling me I forgot to change the cassette. I’ll never finish my Bach Invention 8 in the few seconds I have left.

“Is this a bad dream or am I suffering full blown You Tube withdrawal symptoms? Where’s the 24-hour support group to contact at this ungodly hour?

“Are there others combing the shelves of their homes, digging up albums to prop up on their music rack so they can tweak the tripod, and charge up the battery for the zillionth time?

“It’s too quiet around here. All I can decipher through the weighted silence of my bedroom, is my cat’s jingling collar bell that lets me know where he is.

“When I You Tube, ‘Aiden,’ my gorgeous, affectionate male feline, is off limits in the recording area. But lately I’ve been thinking, if he learned to climb onto the keyboard, dance across it in a coquettish way, he might get more than a 1,000 “hits” in one day! Or better yet, I should train him to “play” the piano like Nora, the Cat of You Tube fame. No, that’s not where it’s at for You Tube fans. Aiden needs to learn how to flush the toilet or use it, himself. Now, we’re talking!

“No, I don’t need my pet hooked on the Internet. That will make two compulsively compromised inhabitants of this home.

“I think I’ll check my websites. Or shouldn’t I? That’s another burgeoning addiction. How many do I have now? I can hardly keep track of the hyperlinks to Digg, Twitter, Twitter meme, Etsy, OLX, that originate at Teach Street, Facebook, CD Baby, My Space, Amazon, Amazon Artist Store, Authors Den, and now Word Press. Oops I forgot Linked In, which may or may not connect up with Xing. Did I get them all right? Oops, I have to keep up with Craig’s List postings that are about to expire, and My Space has a Fusion unfriendly site where I always forget my password. Now I’m up to 9 letters that are so hard to remember, I’ll end up changing them in a day or two if I don’t lose my sanity before I next log in.

“Meanwhile, I should case out one of my sites that allows me free postings if I keep writing articles that award me ‘points.’ Uh oh, I forgot my password so I can’t get in. Where’s that shriveled up piece of paper with the gazillion passwords? Believe it or not, I’ve had worse tragedies in my life. Last month, during a web driven overhaul, my Teach credits disappeared along with my teacher reviews, bio entries, and YOU TUBE links! I must have sent twenty emails to the site manager that were crying out for help! Which reminds me, what about my you tube tags? They keep vanishing so I have to compulsively re-enter them. And if I don’t enter the aspect ratio code correctly, my videos will come up beside Narco, X Files, and Internet love sites. This is driving me mad!

“Okay, it’s nearly 3 a.m. and I can’t silence the You Tube gremlins who are telling me to sign in and upload, NOW!!

“But I’m going to tough it out and go cold turkey. (Ah, so that’s how I handled the problem back then… redux)

“..the only way to put these demons in their place once and for all!”

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