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Only the singing nightingale could be true to Chopin’s music

Haddorff came through with her beautiful voice today. Her older brother, Steinway M on the far side of the room, had some communication problems while upright Steinway, the middle child of the trio, couldn’t begin to rival Haddy’s tone and temperament.

So as it happened, One special piano sang her heart out:

Haddy’s bio:

Made in 1951; kept by musicians until passed on to the next generation of non-musicians. Lived in the neighborhood, a mere walk away.

Cost $700, and was wheeled over to my home by a Russian fellow whose piano store in Visalia went under. His truck broke down.

He did what amounted to wheelies, or some kind of fancy acrobatics with a dolly. I should have had a camera.

A few bystanders helped nudge Haddy over a few nasty cracks in the sidewalk until she was turned right on Arthur. Then it was a smooth ride until a final bump over the threshold.

She should have been lifted up and carried in like a new bride.

In any case, Haddy’s fixed to stay here for a time, and she’ll sing like a nightingale whenever asked. (despite her imperfect tuning that makes her who she is)


But just the same, here’s older brother’s companion Chopin reading. He boasts a bigger bass and tonal proportion.

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