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A Feast of Gillock pieces for Aiden cat (Videos) Big surprise at the end!

This feline falls asleep at the drop of a note. What breed of music lover would tune out so fast before a few measures were underway?

His history precedes him. During the entire Debussy Arabesque No. 1, he was out cold, except for one detectable ear twitch.

Yet he’s been known to suddenly spring forward, like a wild cat in the jungle, thwarting any number of video captures. (Chopin C# minor Waltz, for example)

That’s been documented.

Blind tussling and camera fawning are Aiden’s two favorite activities when he’s otherwise dead to the world on the rug.

So while I knew music would have the usual soporific effect, I still served up a few more Gillock pieces in my ongoing tribute to the composer.

Selections from Accent on Solos included: “Splashing in the Brook,” “Stars on a Summer Night,” “Argentina” and “Owl at Midnight.”

In between playings, Aiden was up and about, getting pets, and jingling his heart-shaped tag.

By the end of the footage, he noticeably startled himself putting a cap on the concert. (Has your cat played the keyboard?)

Be patient to the very last frame.

RELATED LINKS to Gillock repertoire previously uploaded to You Tube:

“The Glass Slipper” and Clowns” The above is “Later Elementary Level.”


“Flamenco” is not in these collections. It can be found in
Accent on Gillock Volume 5. Piano Level: Early Intermediate


ACCENT 2, Later Elementary:

The Glass Slipper (Tutorial)

Clowns (Tutorial)

Publications by William Gillock:

Blog Links, piano instruction, Gillock pieces:


“William Gillock (1917-1993), noted music educator and composer of piano music, was born in LaRussell, Missouri, where he learned to play the piano at an early age. After graduating from Central Methodist College, his musical career led him to long tenures in New Orleans, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas, where he was always in great demand as a teacher, clinician, and composer. Called the “Schubert of children’s composers” in tribute to his extraordinary melodic gift, Gillock composed numerous solos and ensembles for students of all levels. He was honored on multiple occasions by the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) with the Award of Merit for Service to American Music, and his music continues to be remarkably popular throughout the United States and throughout the world.”

REDUX: Aiden

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