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The scenic train route along the Bay in photos

I lavish any opportunity to capture the seascape along Amtrak 712.

“The San Joaquin” is my weekly train that embarks from the Richmond Station (BART connection) and returns me to Fresno, final destination.

And there’s Sharon, the dining car attendant, who makes the trip up to the Bay, on Amtrak 711, even more enjoyable. Her amiable personality and colorful repartee cap the journey.

Reggie, the conductor, was part of 712’s gentility before he requested another route. His every stop poetry is deeply missed.

The railroad culture’s in my blood through my father and grandfather. Both toiled on the New York Central tracks for 50 years each.

When I journeyed back to the Oberlin Conservatory following Thanksgiving and Christmas recess, I slept overnight in the train’s roomette, making it to Cleveland in 12 hours, feeling rested and revitalized.

Those were the days!

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