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A third year piano student shines playing J.S. Bach’s C Major Prelude (Well-Tempered Clavier)

Sakura, 12, is preparing the Bach C Major Prelude from the Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, for the upcoming MTAC Celebration Festival (Music Teachers Association of California) And she’s right on course heading for a satisfying performance in March.

Being Left-Handed, she’s given her Right extra compensatory practicing in an effort to acquire satisfying equality. But like others predisposed to the Left Hand, she wasn’t completely sure she could meet the genetic challenge. But as revealed in the Bach reading, she met her goal with nice success.


It’s all in the mind and how it conditions the body.

A student with natural physical gifts, Sakura had previously displayed her spry wrists in Kabalevsky “Galop.” In a convincing forward motion she sprang into an ebullient G, producing well-shaped phrases.

Following in the Baroque style with grace and agility, she floated through the Bach C Major Prelude with a widened dynamic palette, that afforded a gratifying listening experience.

On a personal note, Sakura, age 12, speaks fluent Japanese and German and comes down from the California foothills where skiing is one of her past-times. Up that way, the air is crystal clear though sometimes it causes a light-headed feeling from sheer elevation.


In the Fall, Sakura hopes to attend University High, a premier charter school for the arts which is situated on the Fresno State University campus.

Always a joy to teach, she practices conscientiously and goes the extra lap to improve her playing.

On the side, Sakura does Aikido, an activity that precedes her lesson. The giveaway, obviously, is her attire.

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