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When the piano teacher is absent between lessons, a You Tube video can fill in the gap (Fur Elise and chord voicing)

Lately, students have benefited from receiving supplemental video instruction during the interval between their weekly lessons.

By videotaping parts of their sessions and uploading to You Tube, they can often make their daily practice time more efficient.

Today, for example, I tilted my iMac so it focused on my piano, which is the Steinway upright located beside the grand where an adult student sat.

During the week my pupil will have an up close examination of voicing chords in the C section of Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

In the first segment, we worked on the physical means to flesh out a resonating melody through various sonorities. (measures 62-65) Beautiful phrasing and observance of dynamics were integrated into our focused musical exploration.

Part 2, covered measures 66-73. (Right Hand)

This pupil has been studying with me for five years and during that time has made considerable progress. You Tubing as an adjunct to piano instruction has been especially helpful.

Part 1

Part 2

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