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More Tips on practicing Beethoven’s Fur Elise using a rolling motion, weight transfer, undulating wrist, and relaxed arm swing (Video)

Today’s lesson with an adult student produced a helpful video that focused on the second section, page 1–but was devoted in large part, to examining measures 9-15 in the following ways:

1) for the execution of a rolling motion across four notes with a slight crescendo through B-C-D to E (B C and D form an upbeat of 16th notes) to downbeat E, a dotted-eighth note marked MF (Medium loud) The ensuing measures sustain the MF.

2) for weight transfer pertaining to the above

3) for a sense of relaxation in the arms and wrists

4) for voice balance between the treble and bass parts

5) for an interweaving between the hands, but still fleshing out the treble melody.

In prior videos, this same adult student practiced voicing right hand chords in the C section starting at measure 62:

Part 1

Part 2

Play through:




3 thoughts on “More Tips on practicing Beethoven’s Fur Elise using a rolling motion, weight transfer, undulating wrist, and relaxed arm swing (Video)”

  1. Very nice piece…I was just working on this piece…and was happy to see this post…this is very helpful….I am having the same issues…love the instruction/technique on singing the notes and creating the same sound through the technique.


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