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Irina Gorin’s piano students shine again! (Videos)

It’s a never-ending display of piano-playing children nursed along on Tales of a Musical Journey, Irina Gorin’s personal creation. A phrase-spinning magic permeates each and every performance, demonstrating a musical sophistication uncommon to the efforts of beginners and beyond. (And many pupils are Carmel, Indiana Arts Council Showcase winners)

The teaching material provides a solid musical and technical foundation emphasizing the singing tone as its underpinning, while it carefully imbues a physical consciousness about how to produce it. Call it the “Russian” school of teaching or not, it still stands alone, as a testimony to its artistic value.

Here are the latest exquisitely beautiful samples:

From Anna Magdalena Bach’s collection:


Notice the upper arm roll; supple wrists; and care taken in observing Baroque articulated markings.



“Playtime” (sounds folkloric, modal, and charming)

I love the forward rolled wrist motion for the 16th notes. Such meticulous attention is applied to realizing staccato and legato notation.


Chendi performing “Romance”

Nice understanding of Romantic palette; inner voices beautifully fleshed out; limpid phrases.

Graceful piano playing with flowing arms and wrists:


A sisterly duo: Grieg’s “Anitra’s Dance”

Lovely ensemble and balance of voices. Bravo!


And finally my little newbie, Rina, just turned 5, (6 months of instruction) with an encore performance of “Frere Jacques” in the sad minor mode (using Eb)

Rina has been nurtured along on Tales of a Musical Journey:




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