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How to practice Burgmuller’s Harmony of the Angels (also known as “Angels’ Voices”)

In the video below, I demonstrated a preliminary blocking chord motion, while shaping the line, and having interactive flowing hands. Knowing the harmonic outline is equally pivotal in the learning process. Understanding how harmonic rhythm/resolutions of chords, for example, affect phrasing helps the student to interpret the music.

Un-blocking chords follows with forward rolling wrist motion. (lesson in progress with an adult student)


The Rolling wrist motion in Harmony of the Angels:


6 thoughts on “How to practice Burgmuller’s Harmony of the Angels (also known as “Angels’ Voices”)”

  1. Hi, I came across this post while research some chord theory regarding this beautiful piece. Can you share some insight on the first chord of the cadence? I’m technically playing an Eb7 chord, but why it is spelled with a C#?


      1. Yes, the final cadence at the Piu Lento, thanks. It’s Eb and Bb with the left hand, right? With that chord, I wasn’t sure how the C# worked into it.


    1. So, in the score that you posted above (which is the same version I have), it’s a misprint? It *should* be an E natural?


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