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Pastorale by Burgmuller in lilting two: Op. 100, 25 Progressive Pieces

A plaintively beautiful piece, Pastorale requires a lilting “feel” of two beats per measure. A flowing melody permeates the voicing, cushioned in sonorous chords. The challenge is not to upstage the treble line as it unfolds.

The phrasing in the right hand responds well to the supple wrist and curves of motion while the left has to be shaped in a forward movement to the dotted quarter note.

Where the theme is repeated in the first section, it’s a good idea to play with a tad of nuanced variation.

In the B section, there’s a counter-melody that if brought out is particularly pleasing.

Relaxed arms, undulating wrists, and long breaths are a helpful in spinning a melody that is enriched by lovely Romantic era harmonies. A modulation from the G 7th chord to the sub-dominant (C chord) provides a gentle peak before the music limpidly falls off to a final cadence.

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