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Piano Maintenance Teaser: Graying ivories and a squeaky note

This is a video preview of what will follow later today when several uploads related to my Baldwin piano’s weekend “regulation” are lined up on You Tube.

As a start, one of the problems plaguing my recently acquired Hamilton grand 1929, a.k.a “blind date piano,” was a grayish discoloration on every ivory key.

In my ignorance, I conjectured that such an irregularity was indicative of older pianos. Yellowed keys were more familiar than speckled grays.

That’s about when piano detective, Mark Schecter, RPT, (Registered Piano Technician) came on the scene to make a diagnosis and possible repair. His larger mission, however, was to “regulate” the piano as best he could once his assessment of the action including hammers, bushings, etc. was completed. (many video segments)

But first, his “surface” exploration of the keyboard is worth viewing plus a squeaky note diagnostic and potential repair.

Hopefully, this opening footage will ignite interest in the whole video series which constitutes a primer of piano maintenance. It fleshes out the need to have well-trained, qualified technicians service pianos to their optimum performance level.

Graying Ivories saga:

Squeaky B annoyance!


Continue Part One and Two:

The Back Story:

6- part video, I meet my Blind Date Piano for Valentine’s Day!

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