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Piano Lesson: Rina 5, shuffles rhythms on the music rack and practices Minuet by Reinagle

Rina has completed 6 months of piano study.

During this time, Tales of a Musical Journey by Irina Gorin has nicely framed our collective learning process. (The singing tone is the underpinning of this instruction and how to produce it)

In the first video, you will note our rhythm shuffling and clapping. Rina sets the various note values in her preferred order on the music rack, claps them, and then intones a designated note to these rhythms. It’s valuable to have the student play through her creation with different individual fingers assigned, left and right hand, separately.

At today’s lesson, after considerable ear training-related exposure to Reinagle’s Minuet by way of my You Tube upload, and supported by our steady rhythmic exploration of “short” sounds, (quarters) “long sounds,” (half-notes) “whole-note hold down” notes (whole notes), “half-note dot” (dotted-half notes”) and “running notes,” (8ths), Rina practiced the opening Treble section as I played the bass notes from the original score.

The piece starts on “treble G, adding to Rina’s geo-musical awareness.

She can actually “read” the Minuet on a paper with floating notes that have assigned letter names and fingering and she recognizes “bar lines,” “measures,” “repeat signs”, and dynamic markings “p, F, MF, mp, crescendo, decrescendo,” as well as note values previously mentioned.

Video #1

Video #2


Rina has shown outstanding progress through 6 months of piano instruction


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