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Beethoven’s Fur Elise with orchestra? or without (Videos)

During the night, I stumbled upon a piano solo with orchestra arrangement of “Fur Elise” that included a set of nuanced special effects. First, the pianist, nonchalantly flowed into the first theme to a stream applause, reminding me of the time I played this same piece without embellishment in the dining hall of Fig Garden Retirement.

With no smiling orchestra members surrounding me, I was squeezed into a tight space, drowned out by cranky residents who complained about digital piano volume levels.

It was nothing like the smoothly-staged you tube performance of Beethoven’s treasure that seemed rehearsed to finite detail.

I noted the broken E octaves in the opening section, with an animated conductor gathering the forces of nature under his sprightly baton.

Was this a Grieg transcription with a counterpoint of clarinet, nasal oboe, strings, and triangle? (It was phrased in twos, if you will, with a few chirping birds needed for added effect)

In the midst of this serene musical forest, the pianist played, but where were the seven dwarfs and Snow White?

Compare to what Beethoven had intended, minus a green bag of Trader Joe Pine Litter that was shabbily left on the set.



Mystical Journey–Relax Music at Georgii Tcherkin’s You Tube Channel-He presents solo and orchestra arrangements of the “Moonlight” Sonata.


2 thoughts on “Beethoven’s Fur Elise with orchestra? or without (Videos)”

  1. I chuckled when I read the words, and after watching the videos I understood what you were saying. If only the former had your passion and the litter bag it would have been more beautiful. You brought tears to my eyes. Besides all that, the bag is a pretty green. Didn’t care after those soothing sounds. Thank you for that on a Sunday morning!


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