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Preparing for a Skyped piano lesson to Europe by tweaking a Logitech Cam (Videos)

Since there’s a 9-hour difference between my West Coast locale and London, England, I had ample time to prep my external cam for the right keyboard angle.

Conversely, the student beaming in from Europe had her SWEEX HD all lined up, with a link to Amazon where she purchased it, but not to THE AMAZON, where crocodiles lurk.

The crocs had accompanied my Australian SKYPE romp. (Two of those lessons-in progress are here embedded)

But first, a snatch of my camera-angling before the blinking-green Skype alarm went off for a long-distance London lesson.


A separate launch to Australia was introduced by Aiden cat, the stubborn, bench potato feline!

Followed by the real deal:

Practicing Arpeggios, legato/staccato

And a LINK to another SKYPE LESSON-IN-PROGRESS: (Chopin Waltz in A minor, Op. Posthumous)

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