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Part TWO: Guess what happened on the way to my El Cerrito Piano Studio? (Video)

I’m no country bumpkin, but as I departed Bart’s El Cerrito Del Norte station, I felt like one.

Last week I ran into a turkey, most likely separated from the pack. And as it daintily climbed up the steps of a split-level house, turning around for a for a few seconds, I caught it on camera.

At that precise moment, a passerby in jogging attire, informed me that Mr./Ms. Turkey had been winging for quite some time in the neighborhood. (These wild ones were known to descend from the Berkeley Hills into residential areas)

So what were the chances that an event like this would replicate itself so soon after the first one?


I had brought a small video camera with me to film myself at my grand piano to flesh out and document notes that required my technician’s attention. (He had planned to return to my studio to address a crop of new problems)

But why I chose to divert from my original itinerary to check out a “Cockledoodledoo” coming from a house surrounded by a gray wood fence, had to be governed by more than curiosity.

In fact, the very path I chose, solved a mystery that had haunted me as I wound my way through this neighborhood week after week.

This time, I crossed the street, inching my way to the source of the “noise.”

Aiming my video camera through a small opening at the top of the fence, here’s what I found!

It was no small reward for my efforts!




Guess What Happened on the way to my El Cerrito Piano Studio?

The Difference Between Hens and Roosters:

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