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Piano Instruction: Mozart Minuet in F Major, K. 2 (a rolling forward wrist motion aids phrase-shaping) Video

Mozart composed this Minuet when he was 6. Its beautifully crafted melody woos the listener from the very first measure with a curvaceous broken chord springing into graceful quarter notes. A forward wrist motion helps with shaping lines, softening the impact of weaker second and third beats.

(The repeated C and Bb in consecutive sequence are best realized with finger shifts to add nuance.)

In measure 5, there’s a change in melodic direction which is ear-catching. The player should communicate its novelty.

The B section (starting in measure 9) is like a Development, modulating to G minor through its dominant and quickly back to F by way of the primary dominant. The key transition is a SEQUENCE.

A moving DECEPTIVE cadence occurs in measure 20 (V to Vi chord) just before the piece tapers to a final cadence.

All dynamics and phrasing should be observed.


The video fleshes out a separate-hands approach along with an analysis of harmony and voicing.


Shirley Kirsten

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