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Teaching Piano to Young Children, A Creative New Approach

I will be giving LIVE webcam classes for Book I, Tales of a Musical Journey by Irina Gorin.


Class Title:

Teaching Piano to Young Children (4 to 7 years old) with a Creative New Approach
Saturday, May 19, 2012
1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

I will lead parents and piano teachers, chapter-by-chapter through Irina Gorin’s Tales of a Musical Journey, Book I that introduces children to an enchanted universe of characters. They include King Meter, Prince Rhythm and Fairy Musicalina.

Right from the start, very young students will learn to play the piano expressively with a beautiful singing tone, drawing upon their universe of play to stimulate the musical imagination. Weeping willow trees and gracefully flying eagles will be prototypes for relaxed arms and wrists.

CD selections included in the materials provide finger-by-finger, detached-note playing experiences as children simultaneously develop an appreciation for fine music.

Our journey, taken in baby steps, will flesh out techniques of teaching young children with Gorin’s framing philosophy.

My review of the material will appear in the Spring Convention issue of the California Music Teacher Magazine (CMT) published by the Music Teachers Association of California




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5 thoughts on “Teaching Piano to Young Children, A Creative New Approach”

  1. Hi. I would love to take part in your Powhow class on May 19th but unfortunately I’m going to be out that night (it’s a 9pm start here in the UK). If I paid for the class anyway would I be able to download a video of the session at a later date? Thanks, Dave Thompson


    1. Dave, thanks for your note. I might re-schedule this class, depending on expressed interest of which I am awaiting. It could be that ordering the book could be an impediment. In that case perhaps I can copy pertinent pages from the first chapter as an intro. I will let you know about these possible changes.


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