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Piano lesson-in-progress: Shaping a solo for the right hand in Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” ( a “vocal” transition) Videos

Marie, an adult student practiced measures 32-40 of “Fur Elise,” enlisting the model of a singer who shapes and nuances phrases with meticulous breath control. While pianists are not operatic performers, they must imagine that their arms, wrists and fingers are making a vocal transfer to the keyboard thereby overcoming a physical distance from the strings.


Today’s video of a lesson-in-progress fleshed out a creative process that required attentive listening, and sensitivity to the physical requirements of channeled relaxation through arms, supple wrists, into the fingers.

The measures explored formed a recitative-like section where the right hand alone sculpts a lilting melodic line.

In this second video, Marie shares her thoughts about returning to the piano 6 years ago, decades after she had studied the instrument in childhood.


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