A revisit with piano teaching at its pinnacle!

Arioso7's Blog (Shirley Kirsten)

Irina Gorin, a teaching emissary of the Russian pianistic tradition that’s produced Richter, Gilels, Ashkenazy and Lugansky to name a few, brings her pedagogical efforts glowingly down to the level of a 4-year old.

And it’s delightful to watch. Certainly, more entertaining than my cat’s bungled keyboard performance last night.

Irina would agree that Aiden needed a lesson in keeping his paws supple.

But I doubt that affixing a cute purple furry monkey to him would have softened those bullet-fired impulses, though we did try. (Irina uses the accessory in her studio)

The cat was compliant at first, then quickly raised Cain!

Might I gently wrap his claws around those “apples” Irina has in her studio? They’re the small yellow “rubbery” ones that piano students embrace as they shape hands into relaxed roundness.

All kidding aside, Gorin’s child-like approach to her little students, devising finger-in-the-jello opportunities, and attaching her precious…

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