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Piano Lessons: Catching up with Rina, age 5

Rina has reached a turning point in her piano studies, just 10 months into them. She’s playing the Reinagle Minuet, coordinating bass and treble lines. This is NOT ROTE playing, or any Suzuki variant.

Rina knows the music alphabet forward and in reverse; understands up and down, steps and skips, and plays LEGATO five-finger positions in the Major and parallel minor. (She can identify sharps and flats and harbors no fears of them)

So far we’ve covered C Major/minor; G Major/minor. (In Parallel and Contrary Motion)

She also enjoys a C Major five-finger romp in tenths.

We’ve covered quarter notes, known as “short sounds,” half notes or “long sounds,” 8ths or “running notes,” dotted-half notes, “half-note dot,” and “whole note hold down,” whole notes.

Rina understands Forte, piano, mezzo forte and mezzo piano. She knows that poco ritardando means a slight getting slower.

Her second two-handed piece is Turk’s “Little March.” She separates out each part, bass and treble and follows phrasing, fingering and dynamics.

A Music Together grad, she had considerable exposure to singing and group rhythm activities which helped her transition to individual piano study.

I started Rina with Irina Gorin’s Tales of a Musical Journey and then branched off in my own creative directions that were tailored to Rina’s specific needs.

During these many months, she’s been imbued with sensitivity to the singing tone and the use of a supple wrist.

Today’s videotaping:



The Right Age for a Child to Start Piano Lessons


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