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New, second blog site at Word Press…

This will be a side journey that’s mushrooming into a nightmare! Minutes after I set up my Dream Berkeley Home site at WordPress 2, offering FREE piano lessons to the PuRR-fect rental finder, I was lured by a devilish scammer to release my credit report through a posted link over email… NO specific residence address given…She claimed the first housing applicant for her desirable, “Spruce” area location had changed his mind.

Worse yet, when I replied to her message, my inquiry was returned, “Mailer Daemon.”

This whole scenario was no match for the homeowner on Arlington who stood in a pile of sheet rock, looking down at a gutted indoor swimming pool that amounted to a huge rectangular opening in the concrete flooring.

Basically, she held the blueprints for a 500 sq ft. room-in-progress with a shaky foundation. Ouch! I twisted my ankle!

After my precarious visit to the construction site, I nearly broke my neck trying to make my way to the make-shift door that was about to fall on me but for my well-developed reflexes. (Bally’s work-outs primed them)

What a salvage property! OR more like the after-effects of a 7.0 Richter scale earthquake!

Okay, it can’t get any better, right? or did I mean worse?

So please accept my invitation to visit the brand new site, and make up your mind. You can also keep abreast of my past and present horror stories as they amass over seconds, minutes, hours, and days.

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