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Bringing home the Yamaha Arius YDP-141, my NO. 1 ranked digital (Video)

Over a year ago I surveyed digital pianos at Guitar Center and Best Buy, and drooled over Yamaha Arius. It was hands down my favorite electronic of the lot.

So why was I investing in a plug-in, when I had three acoustics jammed into my living room? Main reason: I’m moving to the Bay area imminently and need a transportable “piano” to play gigs about town.

My first one coming up benefits the Gooden College Connection on Friday, Oct. 5th at 7 p.m.. NO ACOUSTIC available. They’ll pack Arius into a van and bring it to the Albany Community Center. (The top part rolls off easily) And what remains is the pedal frame and support.

If I need volume, I have lots to spare though I prefer to set it a tad above 3/4 capacity.. depends of course, on the space and its reverb quotient.

Here’s a sound sample taken in my piano piano room. Excuse the pile-up of odds and ends due to the move prep.

The Arius cost me $1058.14 out the door including tax. And I’m told that Guitar Center’s Labor Day sale has been extended.

Highly recommend. Go for it! Any G.C. around country should give you the sale price. Tell ’em I said so.

10 thoughts on “Bringing home the Yamaha Arius YDP-141, my NO. 1 ranked digital (Video)”

  1. Hello…please your opinion about this piano…I think buy this yamaha…have a good quality sound, expresivility?sorry for my english.


  2. Really useful to find this post as I have a pupil considering this model and it’s good to know it’s rated by someone of your experience and ability.


  3. i am a midleage guy. i was play guitar, no experienc with piano or simething like. After watching your videos, and happy to know the ydp141 is very affordable. very exciting to learn piano again. i hope buy this piano soon.


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