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A Piano Student Practices his own Musical Creation (Video)

Fritz rose to the occasion following a 90-minute lesson last week that was packed with theory-related “stuff,” channeled nicely into composing.

That he learned about “MAJOR SECONDS” through individual, creative self-expression, helped soften the impact of a lengthy piano exposure.

As promised, I videotaped the student’s recent lesson to show his follow-through practicing, and how his piece evolved and developed. (He had refined phrases along the way)


Composing opportunities foster learning and deepen an understanding of music theory without the dread associated with it. Interval study, for example, can be nicely wrapped into this activity.

Finally, the video below affirms the value of taking creative journeys with students that will grow their intellect and imagination along the way while keeping them coming back for more individualized enrichment.

Flashback LINK to Fritz’s 90 minute lesson:

Piano Students as Composers

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