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The joy of working on Chopin’s phrasing with an adult student (Waltz in A minor, No. 19, Op. Posth.) Videos

At this point in my teaching career, I have a studio of mostly adult students. (counting the ones “Skyping” in from the continent and elsewhere)

These are pupils who haven’t been forced to take lessons. They’re bundled with enthusiasm, determined to learn and follow-up with a conscientious practicing effort.

For any teacher this is a blessing.

Last night, in particular, was a feast.

A pupil and I were on a common wave-length, expressing the beauty of Chopin’s music.

PHRASING was the centerpiece of our reciprocal learning universe.


In the following video, I’ve extracted excerpts from our evening’s lesson that flesh out the creative, cognitive, affective and kinesthetic dimensions of teaching:

Part One:

Part Two:

P.S. Members of Facebook’s “Art of Piano Pedagogy” forum have been have been exploring the issue of students developing an individual approach or personality in re: pieces studied.

My feeling remains that we as teachers provide the tools a student needs to individualize expression as he grows and develops.

2 thoughts on “The joy of working on Chopin’s phrasing with an adult student (Waltz in A minor, No. 19, Op. Posth.) Videos”

    1. Thanks, Jodi.. I love conducting but never took conducting classes…probably a frustrated conductor inside me. I find that students respond well to singing and conducting wedded together. I have a video re: Bach’s A minor Invention no 13 where the two voices are fleshed out, one with each hand.. and the student, an 11 yr. old, by that time, had a very clear understanding of counterpoint not just by this framing but through our analysis of the contrapuntal interaction in baby steps. I will be answering your inquiry about the Chopin in a sec. shirley


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